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oh, little star

as though waves washing back from obsidian shores the clouds reveal you i heard their hastening upon the wind. i know what you are, now; and yet, the twirling galaxy in my chest this interstellar gravitas plucks the awe in me like sea stars dusts my dreams with pearls. june 28, 2022. 10:08pm.


me, personally

im tired of being okay with things im not okay with. the Congo Rainforest is being raped by sleazy companies and desperate bushmen California teachers marooned in parent's living rooms, the flag half-mast for a queen a queen in a nation of babbling democratic zealots; and it's funny, in that helpless sort of way. "sometimes …

Zeami Motokiyo

"to watch the sun sink below the flower-clad hill. to wander into the forest, without thought of return. to stand upon the shore and gaze after a boat that disappears behind the distant islands. to contemplate the flight of the wild geese, seen and lost among the clouds." Yugen


a nudge at the hide of the sleeping bear i languish after that beast of inspiration yet, as with Wordsworth the thing appears to have run from my frailty rather than devouring me whole. writing is so very elusive at times. I remember childhood when I was bursting full of stories. now, I must purposefully …


1. dime si no es verdad que una flor es nada más una flor y el valor que tiene se lo hemos dado, así como le petit prince atesoraba su única flor la suya— 2. de tal manera recuerda el vecino gusano que cuida los lirios juega con los niños y después se le arrastra …

mono no aware

Tower of Babel, ziggurat skyscraper whatever we elect to name them industrial arms of Gaia its amazing still, though— i much prefer the delible, deciduous leaves crunch and blow regrow i write poems in the water in Dallas park i sit and watch the traffic go. as much as I love the permanence of monuments, …

the embarkation

"Well, that's like, your opinion man." And yeah, sure. The homeless and the glutton clumped like fried dough all doing blow, or alcohol, or music on the crossing of Auzerais and moonlight "San Jose. It's alright, at best." "Sure," I laugh, but seriously no man is an island entire unto himself . The hotel was …