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dearly beloved

A gentle melody that nudges— awakens, a memory it wasn’t love then, not yet just a noncommittal thought that you would always be there. The tune was dusty, metallic a music box phantom from somewhere the ashes of ashes vibrating soft melancholy of a forgotten matter of fact. to the unconditional love between a child …


the embarkation

"Well, that's like, your opinion man." And yeah, sure. The homeless and the glutton clumped like fried dough all doing blow, or alcohol, or music on the crossing of Auzerais and moonlight "San Jose. It's alright, at best." "Sure," I laugh, but seriously no man is an island entire unto himself . The hotel was …

not a sonnet no. ii

the beat of a heart knocking against the door a game, we play. come in, the voice says, light with laughter the drum, drum of some new adventure. come in, again, distant and moving i thought i should follow and so thinking, i tried "ours are the moments I play in the dark" -Lorde