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three legs in the evening

it has to be natural to fall into neat routines, grocery lists, business casual clothes. as hair turns to winter its a biological process, i think. but i have to wonder if wonder is the causalty. must it always be? do sunsets extinguish curiosity? does age consume our dreams? are riddles the science of aged …


oh, little star

as though waves washing back from obsidian shores the clouds reveal you i heard their hastening upon the wind. i know what you are, now; and yet, the twirling galaxy in my chest this interstellar gravitas plucks the awe in me like sea stars dusts my dreams with pearls. june 28, 2022. 10:08pm.

dearly beloved

A gentle melody that nudges— awakens, a memory it wasn’t love then, not yet just a noncommittal thought that you would always be there. The tune was dusty, metallic a music box phantom from somewhere the ashes of ashes vibrating soft melancholy of a forgotten matter of fact. to the unconditional love between a child …

Edward Said

It seems a common human failing to prefer the schematic authority of the text, to the distortion of direct encounter with the human. Orientalism

me, personally

im tired of being okay with things im not okay with. the Congo Rainforest is being raped by sleazy companies and desperate bushmen California teachers marooned in parent's living rooms, the flag half-mast for a queen a queen in a nation of babbling democratic zealots; and it's funny, in that helpless sort of way. "sometimes …

Zeami Motokiyo

"to watch the sun sink below the flower-clad hill. to wander into the forest, without thought of return. to stand upon the shore and gaze after a boat that disappears behind the distant islands. to contemplate the flight of the wild geese, seen and lost among the clouds." Yugen